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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of

Katie the Wonder Dog

(the K in K and B) 

         She was born January 25, 1992 and passed away November 14, 2007(almost 16 years old!)

 Katie - the Wonder Dog

Faster than a speeding cat
Able to leap the tallest backyard fence at a single bound
Grabs and restrains a trespassing cat with glee

While being ordered to set it free

Smartest of all
Can open doors at will
Herds us down the hall
Watches over us on guard.

Katie - the Wonder Dog

1/25/92 11/14/07

         Bob was lonely, but after a few months he has adjusted to being a one-dog family dog.  He has continued to mature and has become a wonderful companion.  Loves to play with his toys, chase Tom around the house and yard, and climb on the bed with Tom and Jane.

But he still needs lots of attention.











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