With permission from Paul Dawkins, the following "cheat sheets" are available for download.  Mr. Dawkins website can be found at

Algebra Cheat Sheet                                  Trig Cheat Sheet                                  Calculus Cheat Sheet


Many students make the same mistakes time and again when working with Algebra and Algebra 2. 

Thanks to Susan Margulies for this great worksheet and answers.

Algebra Atrocities                                        Atrocities Answers


Various rules and formulas for math:

Roman Numerals                        Divisibility                    Integers                    Exponents                   Squares and Cubes


Special Case Exponents                    Basic Exponents


                Algebra Formulas                       Factoring Quadratics                         

Geometry Formulas


                       Algebra 2 Formulas                Logarithms               Logs Explained                            




                                                                                     Trig Primer                Trig Identities                    Unit Circle


                                                                               Graphing Trig Functions                  Sin, Cos & Tan Values


                                                                                                        All Students Take Calculus                   


                                                                                             List of Derivatives            List of Integrals


Just for Fun

Facts about PI                    Facts about e


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