Tips for Worried Parents


1.  Set aside a definite time and place for your student to study. If the student is not being as successful as you would like, have the student study at the kitchen table rather than their bedroom. No homework? Give them a newspaper or book and have them read for 30 minutes. Or, have them draft a Letter to the Editor about a concern facing their community. 


2.  A favorite question of parents is “Do you have homework?” High school students DO have homework. Homework done at school is usually done poorly or NOT AT ALL. Accept the challenge of checking your student’s work. Some students are very good at hiding the facts. 


 3.  Take away all distractions during their study time. 


 4.  Insist on performance first - rewards come second. Bribery rarely woorrks! 


 5.  Buy your student a Daily Planner and help them learn how to effectively use it. Time management and organization of tasks are critical for success.


 6.  Parents, don’t be afraid of the work. Your student’s course work is not meant to be easy; it is important that your student is challenged and not allowed, or encouraged, to take the easier way out. Teach PERSEVERANCE. 


 7.  Never had geometry or chemistry? Insist your student seek tutoring from teachers, tutors on campus, or outside agencies. 


 8.  Help your student set GOALS. It is easier to complete something if they know why they are doing it. It might help to post these goals on the bathroom mirror as a reminder each morning. 


 9.  When one only does the minimum, one can hardly expect to achieve the maximum.


 10.  Grades are not the only piece of the puzzle. Also consider challenge, ability, and preparation. 


 11.  Remind students that the class/homework is challenging but they can do it. Don’t waste potential. 


 12.  With ability and future potential come high expectations for your student.


 13.  Keep your expectations are high - Would you want it any other way?


 14.  With high expectations expect pressure.  Pressure is something we all have to learn to cope with in today’s fast-moving society. A part of your student’s education is learning how to better deal with demands and pressure. But…keep the “Big Picture” in mind. Get past the challenge of today and always keep moving toward your goals.


15.  Is your student bored or not challenged enough? ALL students need to learn to be self-motivated and self-learners. Why wait for someone else to tell you what to think or do? There are always additional projects to do, books to read, and assignments to improve upon. 


 16.  Take time out to relax! 


*Borrowed from the Liberty High School website.